Gladius The Show

Gladius The Show is an acrobatic equestrian production created by Erik Martonovich and Alethea Shelton, two of the original cast members of the international touring sensation Cavalia.  After decades of competitive vaulting, they started creating new acts to take to the road, incorporating aerialists, fire, and Roman riding.  Over the years, they have been featured as headlining performers at countless events internationally.

The last several years have been dedicated to putting together a 90-minute touring production.  They have formed a strong core group of four people, who live and reside in Las Vegas and work with these amazing horses everyday.  Lisa Varmbo Martonovich (who is also Erik’s wife) and Nicole Czyzewski (who has been working with Erik and Alethea For nearly 30 years) are the other two key figures of the crew. ‘Gladius the Show’ is loosely based on mythology and Gladiators. Featuring 15 performers and 22 horses, it is composed of original acts never before attempted! Also original, the rock musical score was written by Kevin Curry.  In 2014 they raised a Kickstarter and took the show to Denver and Austin on their own where it received rave reviews.  Gladius has also performed several other venues in California and headlined in their hometown of Las Vegas at the South Point Casino.  Recently, they have started working with a producer and turning their adventure into reality show footage.

This is a grassroots adventure of passionate performers, funded on their own dime.  Their horses are the most important thing in their world and their biggest dream is a permanent show in Las Vegas.  Please join them for the ride of their lives!